2011 interview
, funny.



lets get this running again


mind travesty
jawohl me
land iscaped
and lower
mind bug
mind fuck
they call you andventurers.


February 21st.

2nd meeting at the mighty BOATS not BRIDGES apartment gallery.
Joining the resident artists is John Dominguez with his own magic touch.
This coming Saturday, for the people of Chicago.


E/KO! presents : Monad - Chamber Music EP (2006)

orchestration of sounds. ambience and percussion. bells and light. 

Tracklist :

1- Skeptical Territories (7:43)
2- New Spaces (6:32)
3- Forest (6:00)

E/KO! presents : Belgi - Flicker Fly (album/2006)

Recorded in real time after an ugly painting session, only the first two tracks somehow existed prior to the recording, rest of the songs came as I went along. 
tracklist :
1- travel to sun

2- around and with

3- near the sea

4- end and end and 

5- they are really fearless to kill

6- seeing cotton

7- that brother is dead

8- camping

9- cats of the house

10- nonsense song (extra)

E/KO! presents: Belgi - birden bir ben (mp3)

raw recording/home recording (early 2008)
yelling and screaming
this one is in turkish,
more shall come.

download it!


trembling like that

and all grills gray
sleep still dirtier
beggar copies me , the incredible mouth

in light
there is much to see
when a smell lays blinded, row after row

happens too easily
and does go o



first show-ing. humble apartment gallery setup, home-made painting parade. everbody: welcome.





(little squares 14x14,15x15,16x16inches, acrylic on linen)


the living things I.


call the name if you paintings want the ruj. ok?
thenamecall me paintings will cure the little tahiti
yutus in the jula, culd to your paintings want to , ok?



they know of grace
and can lift their bodies

but people live sadly in houses that stay
all day, 
making rooms, that's inwards
falling deep, clouds abide

and they may all they want you know


I am owned now
bought for a pile of stones
fell for those shiny rings
around your eyes
can dream of a kiss now

with utter softness and
moist eyes for your shiny things
paused in my last breath
fingers moving



harm harm 
you are doing me bad
and bark bark like a dog
I'm left to say

well well
I've got starts and stops
but I'll watch
to see if you blink or not

consider this
sorry, very human errors
but I saw your hair move on
laying and moving on
laying and moving on

when stars shine
like always I can't trust them
but maybe it'd change
when you hold my hand

deep down 
me too had enough
counting and hoping 
got me mad

tell me
where did you get those big brown eyes
reason is, they looked at me too
does that make me your fool


this light
with some lipstick
join my evening
its a blood race we're in
no steering into use
used were my glimpses

now hear
I can whisper of a blue blanket
golden teeth glittering 
like a safe sound swirling 
from that other end of the world
or is it a hole, that place was a dark memory now 
even smells gone.
still hear, resting winds will visit
bread crumbles can make love, so look up
one two , home
how many more, blue
are you demanding no more

who drives this , how was it:
"breaks like a muddy dirt-gold bride"

like tiny bird landing in a full green leaf
singing "hooooome" or " tralala"

shadows fall and take away the winds
colors killed and snapped in the mid
backbones will kiss the keel,
the final bow, white flash
what a blow, taken with grace. 

white sheet #1005


ringgg ringgg
I am hearing sounds of the new
drinking salty water
little fingers crawling up those cheeks
cheeks as mountains
or a face, the world.

splendid news
we remember the taste
of good wills and high times
fine thighs that would leave me home
there is something angry about this



strip=- hair = grow = lips

ah, women. they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.

friedrich mustache nietzsche.

dear memories

mmm those sweet angry blue ones
dear memories

brave like a chicken
rear exits.

fantastic, invented, I had invented
blades of never ending 

of sexy legs

found a city between my inner spaces
dedicated to lovers and had year long festivals
I spent an evening combining foods of 
varying lengths , skills, surfaces

not many could deal with it

for hey once
come my way


k.b. : "muujj bogk"

kucuk yesil buyuk sari (lekeli).
and at liberating speeds
with that brown sandy willingness
shiny shiny delivery
missing is such a busying thing for me
quaint bits 
of spills
leading this
ah there it must be still
tell me now
we all miss don't we. he shrieked inside his head.
the saddest revelations came costly.
flying pigeons and a religious sight
could only hide
a moaning of bitter cathartic 

hop bir adimda bir yanimda bir basimda kafam kalbim ve minnetkar ayak parmaklarim kagida yapismis kagida bagimli pembe ve gizli sakli hepsi aklimdaydi

altimizdan bir evi, uc arabayi, tonla huznu
sahillerle ilgili hasret
ona buna sana sona
dair hasret

ufacik bir kucak
arasi apacik
o sahilleri sigdirdim iste yuzune
ve her turlu sahlanan agaclar
tane tane sulardan gectim
ufak kusum
goge kacan
bir basima


imagine j.d. salinger sending a facebook message.



Belgi - Flicker Fly (album)

Recorded in real time after an ugly painting session, only the first two tracks somehow existed prior to the recording, rest of the songs came as I went along. 

neu III

decision maker 

neu II

people's goal

neu I

trail houses 




kafami koydugum gibi
bir iki uc gibi
sarki soylemeden tam bir milyon yil once gibi sanki